R-Lock in Operation at Minerva Coal

Late last year Terex Mining, suppliers of O&K Equipment, won a contract with Minerva Coal to supply a RH 340 Backhoe fitted with a 34 cubic metre bucket.

The deadline for this equipment was very tight with delivery scheduled for April 2005.

To complete the project Terex needed to source a GET package for the bucket….fast.

Cutting Edges, the only supplier to accept the tight delivery schedule, proposed the new R-Lock R900 Hammerless Plate Lip Assembly.

Terex had experienced problems with other Plate Lip systems in the past due to cracking of the lip assembly after about 2000 hours use and issues with excessive hang up.

Terex shared these concerns giving Cutting Edges an opportunity to demonstrate the innovative design of the R900.

The R900 system is a low profile assembly which reduces stress on the machine, is light-weight and has the benefit of substantially reducing hang-up.

Cutting Edges explained how the R900's unique design would solve the shortcomings of other products including the expected life span.Terex were very interested and the Cutting Edges proposal was accepted.

Intent on establishing the real performance of the new system relative to other GET systems, Terex Mining is carefully monitoring the RH340 machine at the Minerva site.

Operationally the R900 system is performing in accordance with expectations.

Cutting Edges

RH 340 Backhoe with bucket fitted with the R-Lock R900 Hammerless Plate Lip Assembly

Cutting Edges

The patented R-Lock locking device for securing teeth, lip shrouds and wing shrouds, on hydraulic excavators and face shovels. It eliminates the need for hammers and allows the rapid removal and replacement of equipment, dramatically reducing downtime.