Caterpillar Wheel Loaders

Quality aftermarket Caterpillar wheel loader parts provide value for money

We aim to offer our customers the best value for money wheel loader parts in Australia.

High quality

Most important to our customers is to keep their wheel loaders working reliably.  This means that when they are carrying out servicing and maintenance they want quality parts that are compatible, reliable and provide long service life.  All our parts are sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world with a reputation for quality products. 

Value for money

We never sacrifice quality for price, but as Australia’s biggest independent supplier of aftermarket parts we have the size to negotiate favourable terms.  Firstly, we can import directly from the manufacturers, cutting out the middle men.  Secondly, our purchasing power enables us to take advantage of economies of scale.  We pass these savings on to our customers.

Value for money does not always come from the cheapest price, but from the best combination of quality and price.   That is what we offer to our customers.

Caterpillar Wheel LoaderCaterpillar Wheel Loader

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