A Brief History of Cutting Edges

Cutting Edges Equipment Parts Pty Ltd is the largest supplier of aftermarket replacement part in Australia.

The company had its beginning in 1960 when Ben MacArthur started manufacturing cutting edges in a workshop located in Botany, near Sydney airport.

The business flourished, early and set the pattern of growth that has underpinned the success of the following fifty years. By 1967 branches were established in Brisbane and Melbourne. In 1973 head office moved to Revesby, where it remains to this day. By 1985 there were branches in Newcastle, Perth, Burnie and Mackay. Today there is a national network of 8 branches and distributors in key locations to enable us to service our customers in the most remote locations.

Cutting Edges
The very first Cutting Edges factory at 23 Wilson St. Botany
Cutting Edges
The first Cutting Edges branch
in Brisbane, Queensland
Cutting Edges
Cutting Edges Brisbane in 2000 - one
of the Expo88 pavilions relocated to
Archerfield in Brisbane
Cutting Edges
Cutting Edges 2010

A national team of professional field representatives

Parallel with the development of our branches has been the development of a professional team of field representatives that cover the country. If our customers can’t get in to one of our locations, then they will surely be in the territory of one of out field representatives, who offer personal service no matter how remote the location.

Cutting Edges
An early field days. The caravan
and scraper in the background
place it in the 70’s.
Cutting Edges
A Cutting Edges rep in the field uses the very
latest technology in the 70’s, a two-way radio, to
place an order with his office (note the old cardex
system in the background)

Innovation through research and development

Our company prides itself on product development, and over the years we have produced many innovative products that represent major improvements in performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Most important in this process have been our dedicated research and development personnel, highly qualified engineers and technical staff whose combined expertise represents many years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry.

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We embrace Computer Aided Design (CAD)

In 1984 we entered the digital era with the implementation of our first CAD package. Throughout the following years we maintained out commitment to keep at the cutting edge of technology with ongoing software and hardware upgrades. As of 2010, there are over 10,000 different drawings held in our records, with a dedicated IT department to maintain our national computer network.

Design and manufacture

Today we design and manufacture a wide range of ground engaging tools in our own manufacturing facility and in foundries and facilities in Australia and overseas.

Our aim is always to offer product that outperforms other product in the market and provides outstanding value for money.

Over the years there have been many success stories of which the following are just two.

CC1500 wearplate

In 1973 the company began manufacturing CC1500 wear plate. It is a testament to the quality of the original design of this product that for well over thirty years it has continued to find successful implementation in a wide variety of industrial applications. Over the years we have developed other wear plates for use in specialized environments but for many applications CC1500 has never been surpassed.

Cutting Edges Cutting Edges

Patented mining products

Through the late nineties our R&D team developed a new system for tooth and adaptor assembly for the mining industry, with patents granted for Dynaclamp, Dynashroud, Dynalock and R-Lock, and today the products are operating successfully in mines throughout Australia and overseas.

These products all significantly improve worker safety, reduce downtime and improve performance and operating efficiency.

Cutting Edges

Cutting Edges expands to offer our customers machine parts and engine parts

A major expansion in the service that we are able to offer our customers was made in 1989 with the acquisition of Equipment Spare Parts Australia (ESP) and again in 1994 with Stiles and Hicks.

Cutting Edges

This enabled us to complement our range of ground engaging tools with high quality engine and machine parts.

All our parts are sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world. Our purchasing power enables us to negotiate terms with the result that we import quality products that offer the best value for money for our customers.

Success in export

By 1994 our ground engaging tools were competing successfully on the world stage, and a dedicated Export Department was established to service this sector of our business.

Today that department continues to focus on our export growth and provides parts to our direct customers and distributors internationally.

We are very proud of this achievement as it shows that our commitment to quality design and manufacture results in equipment that can hold its own against the best in the world.

Fifty years of change and success

Over the past fifty years Cutting Edges has weathered many changes, both internally and in the broader national and international business environment.

One of the most significant changes occurred in 2005, when Richard Andrews, after some twenty years successfully leading the company under the Delta banner, purchased it outright. Under his leadership the company is positioned to go on to greater success over the next fifty years.

The process of growth and development of a successful company goes on non-stop and in 2010, fifty years after Cutting Edges first opened its doors, the ongoing program of product development continues.

The future

In the future, as in the past, our strength rests in the core values of our company.  We have a strong commitment to high standards of personal and business ethics and support family values that extend beyond simple business considerations. 

Some of our staff members have been with us for ten, twenty, thirty years and we believe that it is because we treat each other well.  We also believe that the way we treat each other flows through into the way we treat our customers.

We see our relationship with our customers as a partnership in which we are dedicated to their success.  Our history has shown us that if we focus on our customers' success our own is assured.  It is this that we take with us into the future.