Cutting Edges Code of Conduct

Our standards
We will:

  • Always present ourselves and our company in a professional way
  • Maintain the highest standards of behaviour, language and dress
  • Offer professional service through quality products and value added service
  • Always keep our customers informed
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency in getting our job done
  • Ensure that the business we do is profitable and competitive.

Our customers
We will:

  • Treat our customers in an honest and professional manner
  • Make our customers feel valued
  • Develop our skills to effectively respond to customer enquiries
  • Seek the best solution for the application
  • Seek feedback so we can continually improve.

Our knowledge
We will:

  • Learn about our complete range of products and their specific applications
  • Continue to develop our knowledge through appropriate training
  • Develop skills to effectively respond to customer enquiries
  • Employ the best people with the right attitude and values.

Our products
We will:

  • Not accept “second best”
  • Select the best products for the right application
  • Address product performance issues promptly and effectively
  • Continue to develop our product range.

Our integrity
We will:

  • Behave responsibly and ethically at all times
  • Take responsibility for our own actions
  • Treat people with respect, help others and give support
  • Not tolerate people misusing our company for personal gain
  • Not criticize fellow employees or management in front of others.

Our team
We will:

    • Have a positive attitude
    • Have respect for each other
    • Never compromise safety
    • Have respect for company property
    • Maintain a clean and tidy workplace
    • Look to the future in a positive and enthusiastic way.