CC1500 wearplate

CC1500 wearplate – technical information

CC1500 Wearplate is a duplex material consisting of very tough and highly wear resistant alloy overlaid onto a shock absorbing mild steel of chromium steel backing plate.

  • Cutting EdgesCutting Edges Wear protection extends the life of blades.
  • Cutting EdgesCutting Edges CC1500used in an intake spool.
  • Cutting EdgesCutting Edges CC1500 wearplate in operation.
  • Cutting EdgesCutting Edges CC1500 chute liner extends the life of equipment.

Base metal selection

CC1500 Wearplate is manufactured with a mild steel (AS3678-259 grade) backing plate for normal applications. Where corrosion or heat is a problem a chromium steel backing plate can be used to provide added protection.

Chromium Carbide Weld Deposit

CC1500 Wearplate is produced by the submerged arc welding principle resulting in a highly controlled deposition rate and allowing flexibility in alloy content and type.

Surface Cracking

‘Relief checking” with chromium carbide weld deposits and is essential in relieving stresses. The fine and numerous relief checks in the CC1500 overlay ensure a low stress interface between alloy and steel. This is extremely important in heavy impact environments.
The fine cracking also makes it more difficult for abrading particles to gain a toehold and accelerate wear by premature fretting and concentrated erosion.

Overlapping Weld Beads

The CC1500 alloy deposit is inlaid with an interlocking weld penetration for high strength and flexibility.
The true weld bead penetration results in an actual increase in the surface area of the interface in comparison to other types of duplex materials.

Uniform and Consistent Surface Finish

This is important when considering the “flow” characteristics in abrading materials. The uniformity of CC1500 Wearplate also discourages excessive concentration of water overlaps that are typical of wide bead bonded systems.

Standard Strips Available

Standard strips available in sizes 8 in 8 and 8 in 12. Other thickness are available upon request.
45 x 2500 | 50 x 2500 | 75 x 2500 | 100 x 2500 | 150 x 2500 | 200 x 2500 | 300 x 2500


As with all high chromium steels the preferred method of cutting is with plasma arc, although the arc air and arc gouging will also cut this material. Friction discs can be used to cut small sections. Ordinary flame cutting techniques (eg. oxy-acetylene) will not penetrate the chromium carbide layer.


CC1500 Wearplate is easily cold rolled or formed. Despite the hard alloy overlay, the material forms with no greater effort than that required to form mild steel of a similar thickness.


For fitting CC1500 Wearplate, the mild steel backing plate should be welded into position using electrodes comparable with the substrate tensile strength. In the case of CC1500-CR Wearplate, stainless steel consumables must be used. For joining, a weld joint can be prepared on the steel backing plate and welded with compatible consumables. The gap in the overlay may then be filled with a commercially available consumable of similar composition.

NOTE: The type and grade of support material should be evaluated and welding consumables and conditions must be compatible with that material.

Mounting Methods

The three proven methods of mounting CC1500 Wearplate to a base plate or frame are:

  1. Welding slots: Appropriate size slots (eg. Approx 70 x 20) are plasma cut into the Wearplate allowing access to the base metal for welding.
  2. Spark eroded countersunk holes: This method allows use of high tensile plow bolts to simplify replacement of the wearplate.
  3. Stud welding: This method allows mounting of the wearplate without disturbing the overlay of chromium carbide alloy.

CC1500 Wearplate Sizes and Thicknesses Available

6 in 6 9 mm 4.5 mm
6 in 8* 13 mm 6 mm
8 in 8* 15 mm 8 mm
10 in 8 17 mm 10 mm
12 in 8 19 mm 12 mm
8 in 12* 19 mm 8 mm
9 in 12 20 mm 9 mm
10 in 12 21 mm 10 mm
12 in 12 23 mm 12 mm
17 in12* 28 mm 17 mm

* Denotes preferred stock sizes


  • Example - Plate size 6 in 8 is 6mm CC1500 overlay into 8mm backing plate. The nominal overall thickness of 13mm reflects the 1-11/2mm penetration of the weld beads into the backing plate.
  • Other thicknesses can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.
  • Standard sheet sizes and ‘tailor made’ sheets are available on request.
  • CC1500 base material - AS3678-250 structural grade carbon steel.

Please contact our wear and abrasion specialists to discuss the application of wear protection to your machinery.