The R-LockThe R-Lock


R-Lock improves safety, reduces downtime and increases productivity

R-Lock is a patented mechanical locking device for securing teeth, lip shrouds and wing shrouds on hydraulic excavators and face shovels.


EX5500 operating with the R950 SP SystemEX5500 operating with the R950 SP SystemReduced downtime through faster installation and removal

The R-Lock locking device eliminates the need for hammers and allows the rapid removal and replacement of equipment, dramatically reducing downtime.


Improved bucket fill and cycle times

The slim profile design of the R-Lock system improves the efficiency of bucket penetration while at the same time maximizing lip and wing protection with fully covered leading edge shrouding.

The result is improved bucket fill and cycle times.

Improved safety

With the elimination of the need for hammers and oxy, and with its ease and simplicity of use, R-Lock improves the safety of maintenance staff.    

Applications of the R950 Series

R950 SP application in hydraulic excavator buckets

R950 SP System teeth and shroudsR950 SP System teeth and shrouds

The SP Series is used in easier digging conditions where high productivity is required. The tooth is a chisel design. Its single panel profile ensures that it stays sharp throughout its wear life.

R950 VX application in hydraulic excavator buckets for hard digging conditions

R950 VX showing full shroudingR950 VX showing full shrouding

The VX Series is used in harder digging conditions where high penetration is required.  It is also a good option where high breakout forces may occur. The tooth is a pick point design.  Its single pick point shape ensures maximum penetration in difficult digging conditions.

R950 SR application in shovels

Whisler 10 with R950 SR teethWhisler 10 with R950 SR teeth

The SR Series is used on hydraulic shovel applications with Whisler mechanical adaptor systems. It provides high strength and long wear life. In conjunction with Cutting Edges’ Dynaclamp clamping system it provides the end user with a fully hammerless tooth and adaptor system.

Benefits of the R950 Series

  • High production
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced downtime
  • Sharper profile
  • Hammerless installation
  • 100% edge protection
  • Effective wing protection
  • Lighter
  • Cleaner lip surface
  • Good penetration
  • Fast emptying
  • Fast cycle times.

R-Lock in Operation at Minerva Coal

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