The Dynalock attachment systemThe Dynalock attachment system

Quicker, safer and more cost-effective installation and removal of teeth 

 The patented Dynalock attachment system changes what is traditionally a difficult and time consuming maintenance project into a simple on-site task. Dynalock positively addresses the important issues of productivity, safety and cost reduction.

Only a wrench is needed

Dynalock ApplicationDynalock Application

Designed to retain the 130 tooth system, Dynalock simplifies the installation and removal of teeth on draglines, shovels and hydraulic excavators. 

The innovative features of the Dynalock system allows the teeth to be installed and removed using only a pneumatic or manual socket wrench.  The traditional difficulties of handling large buckets are greatly reduced.  

With no need for hammers or heat, installation and removal of teeth is safer and quicker.  

  • NO OXY 

Box Point

Box PointBox Point

The 13000 series tips are designed to met specific applications. The options covered are hydraulic excavators, large rope shovels and draglines. 

Using the latest CAD and solidification software a far superior product has been produced that focuses on enhanced machine performance and reduced operating costs. 

Fully compatible with the 130 base adaptor tooth system the 13000 is simple and quick to fit and remove using the Dynalock locking system. 

130 Tip

130 Tip130 Tip

The Cutting Edges design of intermediate adaptor and tips features patented dual vertical drive through pins to retain the tip. This effectively guarantees the retention of the tip and hence maximizes the life of the intermediate adaptor.

The imtermediate adapor is in turn retained by the Dynalock locking system tha is both simple and quick to fit and can be removed safely using the Dynalock removal tool. 

Whilst specifically designed for use on draglines, this system can also be used on hydraulic excavators and rope shovels.  

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