Ground Engaging Tools Locking System Program

The patented GET Locking System improves safety and productivity, and reduces costs  

Cutting Edges, through its in-house R&D facility, has developed a patented system for tooth and adaptor assembly that significantly improves safety and reduces downtime.

The GET Locking Systems Program began in 1997. We saw the need for an improved tooth and adaptor assembly that was safer and more cost effective than those then available in the market.

A specialized Research and Development team was given the responsibility to develop a new improved range of products, from the bucket to the tip.

A mature, proven product

A series of products was developed and refined through a rigorous testing program in the field.  The products are now a proven technology that is in successful operation, delivering significant benefits to the end users. 


The R-Lock is a patented attachment system that provides quicker and safer fitting and removal of Quick Tips and teeth, lip shrouds and wing shrouds on draglines, rope shovels, hydraulic excavators and face shovels.

The R-Lock provides substantial operating benefits through improved safety, speed of operation and better performance ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

R-LockR-Lock R-Lock in operationR-Lock in operation


In 1999 Cutting Edges launched Dynalock, a revolutionary device designed to lock the intermediate adaptor to the bucket without the use of hammers or welding.

DynalockDynalock 13000 Series tip13000 Series tip


Dynaclamp was developed to replace the traditional C-Clamp and hammer in wedge assembly used on Whisler lip systems found on rope shovels.

Success: The GET Locking System increases safety, improves productivity and reduces costs

Dynalock and Dynaclamp changed a very difficult and time consuming maintenance task into a simple on-site process addressing the important issues of safety, productivity and cost reduction.

An added benefit was the reduction of nose wear due to the ability to maintain tight fitment between the adaptor and the lip.

R-Lock in itself offers substantial improvements in safety, downtime, speed of operation and safety.  

DynaclampDynaclamp Dynaclamp in operationDynaclamp in operation

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