Crawler Shoes

Track shoes are assembled into a string to confirm full compliance with fitment criteria prior to despatchTrack shoes are assembled into a string to confirm full compliance with fitment criteria prior to despatch

Quality, value for money replacement crawler shoes

Cutting Edges supplies high quality replacement crawler shoes to suit a variety of machines and operating conditions.

Many years of on-the-ground experience allow our in-house R&D team to design crawler shoes and components that provide superior performance in the abrasive conditions typical of Australian sites.

We aim to reduce our customers’ overall operating costs through reduced replacement costs and maintenance costs, improved machine performance and reliability and extended wear life.

Service and support before and after the sale

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your new crawler shoes deliver optimum performance:

  • knowledge and experience that understands local operating conditions
  • choice of the shoe design that incorporates the engineering improvements made by our R&D team
  • choice of alloy suitable to minimize wear rate and damage in the conditions in which your machine is operating
  • on site technical support and collabora¬tion during fitting and operation

Compatibility and superior performance

Our crawler shoes and components are designed to be fully compatible with OEM equipment.

In addition, they incorporate a range of improvements that provide superior performance over OEM crawler shoes.

Our aim is to provide our customers with product that delivers better value for money.

Our aim is your success

For half a century we have helped our customers succeed by providing professional service and support.

When it comes to replacing your crawler shoes fit a product that will provide superior service and improved cost effectiveness.

Please contact our team for an initial discussion