Grouser Bars

Save time and fuel by replacing your grouser bars regularly.

When a dozer is working with worn out grouser bars on its trackshoes, traction is lost resulting in loss of time and fuel.

Grouser bar manufacured for long wear lifeGrouser bar manufacured for long wear life

Heavy Duty Grouser Retread Bars

  • Hot-rolled profiles are made of wear resistant alloy steel hardened to approx. 500 Brinell.
  • The material has good welding properties.
  • The wear profiles are suitable for different types of repair work.
  • The profiles are provided with a welding bevel.
  • Length approximately 3000 mm.

Grouser bar in a variety of specificationsGrouser bar in a variety of specifications

The grouser bars are manufactured from high-quality alloy steel

The Cutting Edges grouser bars are manufactured from heat treated, through hardened, quenched & tempered alloy steel, for reliable long-wearing performance.


Cutting Edges grouser retread bars

  • Have high toughness and resistance to abrasion.
  • Are straightened with special equipment, thus assuring excellent working and use conditions.
  • Are conveniently packed, making handling easier.
  • Laboratory tests assure the quality standard of the steel used.
  • Special lengths and/or hardness - available on request.
  • The replacement with heat treated grouser bars will restore the dozer to its original yield.
  • The special design and shape assures a prompt and economic welding process, with a perfect finish and consequent savings.
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